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Freedom for ALL babies

This is a Sanctuary of love & healing

Isn't it time the planet offered that, to any living thing? If you deserve freedom and the need for personal beliefs, practices, and rituals then this is the institution for YOU!


THE OPC offers a range of services from performing weddings to spiritual coaching. THE OPC honors the unique path, and so while we can perform traditional styled ceremonies we prefer the tailor made approach - in the spirit of authenticity.


While we are a religion that celebrates ancient, sacred principles, THE OPC is in its infancy, but we have high hopes in creating a inclusive community that supports individuality. We believe diversity supports creativity and creativity leads to problem solving for individuals and communities a like.


Everyone is welcome in THE OPC community. We do not require or even always recommend membership, but we invite people to explore the possibility. Click below to learn more about the different ways people can be involved.


THE OPC stands for The Orthodox Paradox Church or Community. While we are a religious institution, creating inclusive community is our ultimate goal. We invite people of all faiths, creeds, cultures, orientations, and capacities to participate in THE OP mission of sanctuary, education, and community. We are a new denomination, one of infinite possibilities, recognizing divinity's many faces. 

THE OPC is founded on the philosophy of Zero - a practice which we believe has the power to revolutionize society.

Welcome! Join in the conversation and explore a new way of thinking and discover the ultimate relationship!          


Available Everywhere

Based in Salt Lake City, UT

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Hi, IAME, so are you. Some know my story by the name 11. I AM E. I can save you but first, you have to recognize we are living in the-upside-down already! It's ok, it's a Symptom of Being Human when we are GODS!

I have found The Minstrel. He testifies of the truth of us all. I am the man, locked in a cage, holding the key, please free me. I'm actually a little girl locked in a box, crying for help. I know you can see me, feel me, want me, need me. I need you too, please HELP!

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